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What new piece of equipment will really improve your personal well being and health? A television show or infomercial expounds the latest device; An article praises the latest exercise trend. The promise of the four minute, total body workout that guarantees immediate results, with magical new technology that is "research" proven.

We believe that Knowledge + Effort = Results.

We offer cutting edge information along with an environment free from intimidation and gimmicks at a custom price point so you can relax and begin the transformation you desire. Live too far away or travel too often to visit us on a regular basis? No problem! We have highly trained and tenured coaches that can customize a workout plan and nutritional plan and support you every step of the way.
The pursuit of health and fitness can be confusing. It seems there is always a special program or a magical device that is being touted as the solution to your wellness needs and goals. We believe health and fitness should be simple and fun.
We can add some sections about our team and some references. What results can you expect from working with a Core personal trainer or personal online coach?

Personal Training

  • Keeps training varied, fun, challenging and goal-specific
  • Improves motivation
  • Increases workout efficiency
  • Corrects technique
  • Provides informal lifestyle advice
  • Delivers recorded, progressive training
  • Introduces different approaches to find the one that fits YOU
  • Improves sporting performance
  • Establishes your true workout potential
  • Educates and empowers
  • Establishes a balanced and healthy lifestyle including nutritional guidance where necessary

There are various options available to fit your needs and budget:

  • 1-2-1 Personal Training
  • Small Group Training (2-6 People)
  • Team Strength and Conditioning

If you just need a session to help get you started then a one on one Session could be for you (60 minutes program writing session with a 30 minute review session to be taken at a later date) All of our Personal Trainers are highly qualified and experienced Fitness Professionals with their own areas of expertise. For more information please check out our Personal Trainer profiles or speak to a Fitness Advisor on your next visit.

Nutrition Support

  • Lack of Energy?
  • Struggling to manage your weight?
  • Confused about calories?
  • Not getting the training results you want?
  • Undertaking a physical challenge?

What you put in your system dictates what you can get out of it! We know it can be hugely confusing to understand just what you should be doing to help you reach your goals. Why not let us help you?

Our success has been achieved through providing an accessible facility that offers a diverse range of activities with an operating policy that maximizes the number of different people who can use the facility at affordable prices. Offering pay and play access as well as membership options has proven popular with our members...
The Core works within the community in an effort to develop greater participation. Our relationships with our neighboring district councils, as well as schools and colleges in the region have led to a number of new programming opportunities that we are excited to offer in the future. Programming is at the heart of everything we do and we are always searching for new opportunities to engage with those that aren't currently users of Core.
We value making a positive impact in our community and are working diligently with local businesses and organizations to provide discounted services If you are interested in partnering with The Core please contact...
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